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Welcome to E-Health Venture

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We bridge the gap between
healthcare and entrepreneurship

The world needs a significant change in the infrastructure and processes by which healthcare is provisioned. Digital and smart technologies offer a solution, and are in fact already revolutionizing the way consumers, patients, healthcare professionals and institutions interact and administer care.  

We believe that the only structural solution to better and affordable care is by bringing together incumbent healthcare organizations and an ecosystem of partners capable of bringing innovation to the market.

We are a digital health startup studio aiming to empower forward-looking individuals and organizations to pioneer the next wave of disruption in healthcare.  In order to do this, we activate our large network of healthcare entrepreneurs, experts and institutional decision makers.

Together, we are able to create, support and scale new and existing ventures which offer solutions in smart and digital health (i.e., preventative, curative/therapeutic, rehabilitative, administrative, etc.)

Meet our team of experts

Bart BecksLinkedIn logo
Bart Becks
Executive Chairman
Marie BouillezLinkedIn logo
Marie Bouillez
Michael VerschuerenLinkedIn logo
Michael Verschueren
Gio CaniniLinkedIn logo
Gio Canini
Rudy MattheusLinkedIn logo
Rudy Mattheus
Board member
Pierre RionLinkedIn logo
Pierre Rion
Board member
Sergio CaniniLinkedIn logo
Sergio Canini
Board member
Ivo VanderickLinkedIn logo
Ivo Vanderick
Board Member
Marius DeclerckLinkedIn logo
Marius Declerck
Operations & Incubation
Stephy GermanoLinkedIn logo
Stephy Germano
Marketing & Communication
Hanane KhielLinkedIn logo
Hanane Khiel
Venture Architect