Still Have Some Questions?

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Have a question?

I think my project is too far advanced/not advanced enough to join E-Health Venture?

We are working with projects that can even just be ideas. On the other side of the spectrum, there is a stage of maturity where we consider that we are not the best people to guide you further. You can contact us if you are unsure whether you are still in our scope and we will be glad to see if we can collaborate.

Do I have to go to Brussels to work with you?

You do not but you could benefit from our office for free if you want to. We are located at 10 Researchdreef, 1070 Anderlecht.

Is my intellectual property safe?

We won’t show you application to people external to E-Health Venture.

Are there any application requirements?

There are no requirements apart from having an idea/project linked to the healthcare sector and being motivated to see it thrive.

What does the application process entail?

We have a three steps process. First we analyze your application, then we talk together about it and eventually you pitch your project in front of our expert committee composed of investors, medical experts and institutions representatives. This expert committee helps us take the final decision.

Do you work with business-to-business or direct-to-consumer companies?

We do work and have expertise in both and will then be pleased to work with you in either case.

Do you accept solo founders?

We do accept solo founders. We even can participate in your team creation by finding perfect talents for your project.

I’d like to talk to you before apply?

We will be happy to talk with you even before you enter the process. Send us an email and we will fix a 30 minutes call together.

What is E-Health Venture?

E-Health Valley is a private initiative co-founded by EEBIC Ventures and the entrepreneurs who built Wunderman Thompson in Belgium. We are a digital health startup studio helping to shape the most promising ideas of healthcare innovators. In order to do this, we collaborate with established organizations and bring life to the best ideas!

Who are your partners?

Our partners fall in 3 categories: medical experts (e.g., hospitals), technology experts (e.g., big tech) and network experts (e.g., insurers). These corporates and institutions partner with E-Health Venture because they want to strengthen their position in healthcare or enter the space. Jointly, we look at healthcare from both a preventative and curative perspective. In other words, besides developing digital tools to treat 21st-century pathologies (diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, …), we also consider ideas and start-ups in nutrition, sport, mental health (and well-being), revalidation, etc. These partners get several benefits from joining us: they participate to innovation; they are early adopters of technology & innovative solutions and they gain competitive advantage through this; they also get access to knowledge, trends, etc. Last but not least, they get an opportunity to network with like-minded people and organizations (even if 2020 has been a challenging year for our networking activities!). In essence, our partners bring us their expertise and their challenges. Together we can think about solutions that are relevant for the market.

What kind of technology are we talking about?

We are all about digital technologies. Digital technologies are various: (big) data (AI, machine learning, etc.), XR (virtual reality / augmented reality / mixed rality), new interfaces (apps, chatbots), connected devices (or use one to deploy their solution), etc. However, if the technology tends to be outside the digital field (e.g. with devices or biotech start-ups), we would direct these files to funds / structures which are better placed to support them (their cycles and financing needs are very different), incl. other funds managed by EEBIC Ventures (co-founder or eHV) : Theodorus, Scale (BeAngels) or Seeder Fund.

You indicate that you take equity in the startups you do support. How much equity do you typically claim ?

Each project is unique in its situation, maturity, capital structure, etc. As a general rule, for a startup in our accelerator program this can go from 2 to 10%. For a startup in our venture building program on average, this will be around 20%. It can be less, it can be more. It depends on the tailor-made plan and what the different stakeholders bring to the table and the extent of our role.