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Access to clients, prescribers and partners
Business planning
Strategic guidance by experienced entrepreneurs
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Access to immediate funding and potential co-investments

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Concerned about achieving product-market fit? Having a hard time finding and convincing healthcare clients? Or simply tired of working alone and without guidance?

These questions, concerns and fears are typical for (healthcare) founders. Our team has been there before and we can help. We will also activate our network of entrepreneurs, experts and decision-makers and get business to your door.

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Testimonials from previous incubees

Matthieu Gilson
Matthieu Gilson
Matthieu Gilson


Having the support of E-Health Venture has vastly accelerated the development of my start-up.
The team helped me structure my project, provided constructive feedback on my business plan, assistance in designing the go-to market strategy and gave advice on how to position and pitch my product.
What is even better is that E-Health Venture introduced me to many key people in my field, including some that became my co-founders!

Benefiting from an extensive network of decision makers is really invaluable. Especially in the early-stage of a project, when you need to go out of your office and talk to as many relevant people as possible to validate your hypotheses and refine your value proposition.The support of E-Health Venture is instrumental in the success of my mental health startup Evoluno.

Matthieu Gilson
Matthieu Gilson
Feliciea Jibson

Founder of PAGS

Since PAGS was accepted into E-Health Venture in December 2020, the project has advanced rapidly.
We have been reviewing the go-to-market strategy and taken a new direction that received immediate interest from clients. The wealth of knowledge and expertise from E-Health Venture members and partners helped us to define our vision, clarify our goals and restructure our business plan.

E-Health Venture has also been helping with the hiring of a commercial profile for PAGS which will accelerate the development immensely. We are now connected with the right people, supporters and investors for our upcoming funding round.
It really is the best thing that happened to us.

The plan

Business planning
We work with you to identify your pressing needs
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We create a growth plan tailored to your start-up
We match you with healthcare experts and decision-makers
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We accelerate your growth and product development